Nadia Crétin-Léchenne’s beautiful sweater “Clarice”

Nadia has released “Clarice”, her new pattern with a colorwork yoke knitted in Ulysse. It is a very nice, light and cosy jumper that is a real pleasure to wear!

The yoke pattern is built in mirror and easy to follow with small simple patterns in two colours per row and a few plain stripes that make it accessible to motivated beginners 🙂

It is knitted in the round from the neckline with short rows placed after the colorwork yoke. A fun piece of jacquard to play with colours followed by a sea of jersey for a long winter evening!

The cut is straight and classic with a nice, slightly widened neckline, plenty of shoulder room and comfortable sleeves. The wide single ribbed trim on the bottom of the body and sleeves gives it a perfect modern touch.

Nadia has chosen a soft and warmly contrasting palette with “bruyère” as the main colour, and “caramel” and “poivre blanc” for the patterns.

For our version knitted by Céline’s fairy fingers, we chose “darjeeling” as the main colour and “iroise” and “poivre blanc” for the secondary colours. We love this combo as well!

To give you something else to explore, or to choose a harmony from your stash, here is a sample of a soft, powdery harmony in “goéland“, “bouleau” and “argile” and a more contrasting version with “eucalyptus“, “sel” and “doré“.

Pattern:  Clarice  by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne, available in French and English on Ravelry (sizes 1 to 9)

Yarn: De Rerum Natura “Ulysse” 5 (6 – 6 – 7) 7 – 8 (9 -9 – 10) for the CP, in “darjeeling” colour in our version, and “bruyère” in Nadia’s. 
1 (1 – 1 – 1) 1 – 1 (2 – 2 – 2) ball of CC1, here “poivre blanc” in both versions
1 ball of CC2, here “iroise” in our version and “caramel” in Nadia’s version

You can discover on the blog Ellie and Peeta, the two other Nadia’s yoke jumpers knitted in Ulysses and consider a fun colorful collection 🙂

Thank you Nadia for your trust and this beautiful pattern which warms us up in the heart of this winter!

Crédits photos 3 et 8 : Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

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