« Ellie » by Nadia Crétin-Lechenne

It is always a great pleasure to discover a new design from Nadia, like a small polished pebble that shines on the path of this creative friendship that links us since the very beginning of DRN…

Today she presents us with the pretty “Ellie” jumper knitted in Ulysse. It’s a light and cheerful jumper with a seamless construction from the neckline and a jacquard yoke that allows you to play with colours and patterns while remaining affordable by motivated beginners.

There are never more than two colours per row and the small, closely spaced patterns make it easier to manage thread crossings on the back and tension.

A perfect blend of beauty and simplicity for a project that will be as fun to knit as it is to wear!

Pattern: “Ellie” by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne, available in French and English on Ravelry from size 1 to

Yarn: De Rerum Natura « Ulysse » 6 (6 – 7 – 7) 7 – 8 (9 –9 – 10) balls of MC, shown here in bouleau in the regular version and in brouillard in the cropped version. 
1 ball of CC1, shown here in Bruyère in the regular version and in Quartz in the cropped version.
1 (1 – 1 – 1) 1 – 1 (2 – 2 – 2) balls of CC2, shown here in Érable in the regular version and in merlot in the cropped version.

Crédits photos : Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

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