“Kuusikko” by Susanna Kaartinen

I am very happy to present you today the beautiful shawl “Kuusikko” created in collaboration with the Australian-Finnish designer Susanna Kaartinen  @sanna_and_co

Susanna was inspired by the lines of a spruce bouquet (“kuusikko” in Finnish) to design this large, asymmetrical shawl, which combines fine geometric lines and rich ornamentation with great softness.

On this common score, the shawl is declined in two versions: one in Ulysse, our finest woolen spun yarn, for a warm, rustic and fluffy rendering that is so specific; the other in our combed fingering yarn Albertine to take advantage of its softness, drape and stitch definition for a more sophisticated shawl. 

Pattern:Kuusikko” by Susanna Kaartinen, available in French and English

Yarn for the Sport weight version: Ulysse (Merino d’Arles (France)/Black Merino (Portugal) wollen spun, 185 m /50 g) 7 balls, photographed in “poivre blanc“.
Yarn for the Fingering weight version: Albertine (90% organic Merinos d’Arles (France) / 10% silk (China) worsted spun, 200m/50g) 7 balls, photographed in “cyprès” and “badiane“.

Here we are in love with our beautiful “Kuusikko” knitted in Albertine “badiane” which plunges us into all the best of autumn.

The pattern is knitted from the edge of the widest part with a beautiful ribbing pattern, into which the lace pattern gradually blends. Once the pattern is in place, a set of nopples is added and then withdrawn like a wave before returning to the more streamlined texture of vertical stripes. The number of stitches gradually decreases throughout the work and the shawl is finely hemmed with an i-cord border for a very nice finish.

The pattern requires a little experience and patience but what a pleasure and pride to wear such a beautiful knitted piece!

Kususikko is available in French and English on our website and we are happy to offer you 15% off until Sunday 21/11/2021 with the code KUUSIKKO15 to celebrate its release!

Photo Credits: Susanna Kaartinen / De Rerum Natura

Model: Krystal Reeve / Céline Clément

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