Welcome to “cacao”, our new shade for Ulysse and Gilliatt!

 I’m very glad to start this year by introducing you to “cacao“, our new intense and gourmand dyed in fleece shade!

“Cacao” is a deep brown with subtle mahogany highlights. It is composed of two shades of brown mixed intimately with black, which gives it a melted color that reveals itself discreetly chnageante depending on the light.

The color ” cacao ” is a more intense and cooler brown than ” caramel “, darker and more saturated than the natural mottled brown ” poivre ” and lighter than the mixture of black and natural brown ” ébène “.

It can be easily associated with warm light colors such as “sel”, ” poivre blanc” or “biche” and creates beautiful contrasts with blues and greens (“brouillard”, “iroise”, “eucalyptus”, “cyprès”).

It can also be associated in an interesting way with light or intense pinks (“quartz”, ” confiture de rose”) and the warm shades of ” aubépine” or “érable” which will enhance its mahogany reflections.

cacao + poivre blanc
cacao + iroise
cacao + confiture de rose

The colour ” cacao ” is available in our carded yarns “Ulysse” and “Gilliatt” and I hope it will inspire you to create new wooly wonders!

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