Welcome to “bruyère”

I am very happy today to be able to celebrate with you the arrival of five new colors to end this chaotic year with an invitation to imagine and create new (good) things.

Bruyère” is a purplish and a bit magical pink inspired by the Celtic moors. It is a mixture of our figue and “confiture de rose” colors, softened by a large proportion of natural unbleached fleece. It therefore slips with a lot of harmony in the palette of roses, asserting a real personality with its pretty variegation.

It is certainly the most visibly mottled color on the palette.It matches with all natural colors but also in camaïeux with the range of pink and in primary contrast with greens like “cèdre” and “eucalyptus” or secondary with warm tones like “doré, “érable” or “darjeeling” for vivid faire isle patterns.

It is available in Ulysse and Gilliatt palette’s. I hope you will like it 🙂

Ulysse bruyère / Gilliatt bruyère

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