Welcome to “Erable”!

Erable” is a deep dark orange, discreetly mixed with brown. Inspired by the incandescent beauty of fall foliage, it’s a color of earth and fire that makes you want cables and apple pies!

It will be spectacular in plain colors to create a strong piece without being too bright and can also be used to enhance neutral colors (with “poivre blanc“, “poivre et sel“, “poivre“, “biche“, “granit” or “fusain“) and create rich associations with harmonies in a warm range supported with “darjeeling“, “caramel” or “merlot“. We can also play on secondary contrasts by associating it with “cèdre” in the green range, or “aster” and “figue” in the purple range.
It is available in Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano.

I hope this color will make you want projects that warm up!

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