Welcome to “amarante”

I am happy to present to you today the beautiful “Amarante”: a very versatile and discreetly heathered red / brown / purple shade which enlarges the palette of Ulysse and Gilliatt!

It is a strong but soft color that evokes spices, dried flowers, fruit pastes and waxed wood.

Depending on the light or the colors that surround it, “amarante” will be perceived more on the side of pink / plum or red / brown.

This richness gives it a lot of personality and it will be perfect to highlight a plain color project. We can also associate it with a palette of pinks and wine colors like “quartz”, “argile” and “merlot”, or more tones in warm browns like “biche”, “darjeeling” or “poivre” or on the contrary play on the contrasts with cold grays such as “granit” or “fusain“.

Hope this new color gives you some ideas and an opportunity to focus on a project that will comfort you 🙂

Take care of yourself and see you soon!

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