Into the woods, the sweater :)

Melody @bmandarines invites us to put to put a little of the serenity of the forest on our needles and after the cowl and the socks, here’s the jumper version of “Into the Woods”!

The yoke version is a fairly simple top-down yoke jumper that features this so adorable stitch pattern (a video tutorial is provided in the pattern to demonstrate how to knit this stitch).

The original sample features a gathered hemline which is quite flattering when the jumper is meant to be worn over high waisted skirts and dresses. But you can skip that part for a more “traditional look”.

Melody has chosen a very gentle harmony with poivre et sel” and “poivre blanc“.

Jessica @shoplamercerie‘s version in Gilliatt “poivre blanc” and “genêt”

Erika @loareknits‘s version in Gilliatt “sel” and “sauge”.

Amélie @touteenfouinesse‘s version in Gilliatt “fusain” and “poivre blanc”

Clari-Anne @littlearrowfibers‘s version in Gilliatt “poivre blanc” and “goéland”.

Mandy @mbabirad‘s version in Gilliatt “dune” and “caramel”.

Pattern: “Into the woods” by Melody Hoffmann available in French and English on our website and on Ravelry

Yarn: Gilliatt (250 m /100g) 4 to 8 balls of the main color and 1 ball of the contrasting color

Thank you Melody for putting poetry on our shoulders and thank you to all the testers for these lovely versions!

Photos credits: @bmandarines (1,2, 3 et 4 ) ; @shoplamercerie (5) ; @loareknits (6 et 7) ; @touteenfouinesse (8), @littlearrowfibers (8) ; @mbabirad (9)

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