A bit of “tempête” for Cyrano

Today the palette of our biggest Cyrano yarn is growing with the arrival of the “storm” color that you like very much in Ulysse and Gilliatt!

It’s a cold blue mixed with black, subtle and deep, which reminds me of Soulages painting and certain Japanese ceramics. Combined with the roundness of Cyrano, it will highlight textured patterns and sculpt magnificent cables.

Here is an overview of the range of cold blues in Cyrano and in comparison with “nuit” another warmer dark blue and “charcoal”, a very dark heather gray:

While knitting this sample, I was reminded of that simple satisfaction of the thick and soft stitches and the pleasure of the pattern which emerges at full speed like a benevolent promise of good and beautiful at hand.

These days I hope you also find on your needles a little space of blissful certainty and comfort that helps you to stay well.

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