Marianne Munier’s precious “Forcalquier” sweater

We’re delighted to share with you this new pattern by designer Marianne Munier, created for our Bérénice yarn!

Forcalquier” is a precious and sophisticated sweater with a very contemporary boxy cut and fitted sleeves, adorned with a beautiful cross-knit pattern on the front. It’s a project that requires patience and precision, but one for which you’ll be well rewarded with a little jewel of a jumper that you can wear with pride and flair!

It’s knitted by combining our fingering worsted yarn Albertine with cloudy Bérénice to create a soft, precious and deliciously cosy blend. For this pattern, we recommend choosing two tone-on-tone yarns to highlight the pattern.


This pattern is knitted in one seamless piece from top to bottom, first in back and forth for the yoke and then in the round for the lower body and sleeves.

It starts by casting-on the stitches for the back and, after shaping the slope of the shoulders with short rows, it is knitted flat to the bottom of the armholes. Next, stitches are picked up on the cast-on row to knit the fronts. After closing the neckline and knitting to the bottom of the armholes, the back and front are joined to knit the body in the round. Next, stitches are picked up along the armholes to knit the sleeves in the round and along the neckline to knit the collar.


This pattern includes a number of technical points, such as working the cross stitch pattern presented in diagrams for each size, the German short-rows used to shape the slope of the shoulders, knitting with two yarns together and working in the round on a small diameter for the sleeves.

With a sample of 22 sts for 10 cm (the recommended needles are 4 mm) and the back and sleeves in stockinette stitch, this is a project that rises at a reasonable speed and that reconciles the spectacular rendering of an intricate pattern panel without being daunting!

This project will therefore be a great challenge if you have a minimum experience and could be suitable for an intermediate to advanced level.

Our sample is knitted in size 40 with 20 cm of positive ease at the chest in a deep magenta pink created by combining a thread of Albertine “prune” and a thread of Bérénice “confiture de rose”. The height of our version is slightly shorter than the pattern (37 cm instead of the suggested 45 cm). The top-down construction of the pattern makes it easy to adjust the length of the sleeves and body :).

Pattern: « Forcalquier » by Marianne Munier, available in french and in english on Ravelry in sizes 34 to 58 (13 sizes).

Yarn: Albertine (90 % organic Merinos d’Arles (France) / 10 % mulberry silk (China), 200 m / 50 g) 6, (6, 6, 6, 7), [7, 7, 8, 8], (8, 9, 9, 9) balls, held together with Bérénice (55% super kid mohair, 25% silk, 20% organic Arles merino; 210 m / 25 g) 6, (6, 6, 6, 6), [7, 7, 7, 8], (8, 8, 9, 9) balls.

You really liked the “confiture de rose” colour this autumn and it is now being processed (restocking is expected in 10 days). If you fancy putting Forcalquier on your needles straight away, here are some other ideas for combining Bérénice and Albertine which are available now 🙂

From left to right: Albertine “crépuscule” + Bérénice “crépuscule“, Albertine “ocre” + Bérénice “doré“, Albertine “sauge” + Bérénice “sauge“, Albertine “brume” + Bérénice “brume“, Albertine “petit matin” + Bérénice “petit matin“.

Thank you Marianne for this beautiful, elegant pattern and thank you Anne-Laure for this magnificent realization.

I hope you will like this pattern and that it will inspire you to give it a go!

Photos credits for Forcalquier’s sample in Albertine «badiane » and Bérénice « badiane»: Marianne Munier

Realization of our sample in Albertine « prune» and Bérénice « confiture de rose »: @alargaut

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