A bunch of new color for Antigone!

I am very happy to share with you nine new shades that add nuances and enlarge the palette of our  beloved linen yarn Antigone. You can imagine floral, herbaceous, marine and mineral harmonies that will enchant our little summer tops! 

Welcome to “pivoine (peony)”, “hellebore”, “pensée (pansy)”, “myosotis (forget-me-not)”, “lupin (lupine)”, “abysse (abyss)”, “graphite”, “jardin (garden)” and “écume (foam)”!

Pivoine (peony) ” is a pale, almost pearly pink, slightly infused with mauve, inspired by the vaporous delicacy of peony petals. It is the lightest shade of the cool pink gradient it forms with “hellebore” and “dahlia” (photo 4). 
It is comparable in intensity to “lilas” and “macaron” (photo 2) and will nicely highlight sophisticated and lace patterns.

Hellébore (Helleborus)” is a slightly mauve medium pink, a little more intense than “peony”. 
It is an elegant and a bit nostalgic colour with the graceful, changing old pink highlights of the brave hellebores that herald the end of winter.

Pensée (pansy)” is a soft, slightly greyish medium purple. 
It’s a singular shade but easy to wear and to match with more neutral tones. It can also nicely offset the strength of the colour “garden” for example.

The “lupin (lupine)” colour is an intense and luminous blue-tinged violet. A singular and vibrant colour perfect for sunny kissed skin and summer party outfit!

Jardin (garden)” is a bright and powerful green, charged with a beautiful herbaceous energy. It is a very saturated colour without being violent, with a touch of yellow that evokes the vitality of young shoots. 
At the heart of this botanical palette, it gently shakes up the soft pinks and invites us to dare!

Myosotis (forget-me-not)” colour is a medium intensity blue, soft and bright. It contains a hint of red which makes it lean towards the cooler blues and gives it an interesting depth. 
It is a fresh and cheerful blue that can be combined with ” écume (foam) “, or ” lin (linen) ” in a softer contrast, to create perfect charming stripes.

Abysse” is a deep and elegant navy blue, the darkest in our range. 
A beautiful, timeless classic that goes with everything and invites the salty freshness of an evening by the sea on our needles…

The “écume (foam)” colour is a soft, slightly creamy white. A neutral and soothing shade that highlights the beauty of the linen and knitted fabrics and can easily be combined with the other colours in the palette.

Graphite” colour is a very dark and mineral grey, sober and elegant. This very modern faux-black will enhance the sleek patterns and allows you to create graphic contrasts with the lighter colours of the palette.

I hope you like these new colours and we can’t wait to see what you knit with them!

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