Welcome to “eucalyptus” and “bouleau”

In these troubled times when the good news is savored, I am especially happy to present to you today “eucalyptus” and “bouleau“, two new dyed in fleece colors which come to complete the range of our woolen spun yarns:)

The color “bouleau” is a very pale heather gray that evokes winter forests and frosty mornings.

It is available in Ulysse and Gilliatt yarn weight.

It is spun from a blend of natural white fleece and a very small proportion of dyed black fleece. The result is a nice neutral and soothing color, very close to our popular “poivre blanc” but in a cooler tone that matches well with others shades.

⁣”Eucalyptus” is a subtle and soft heather light green, like a bit frosted which I like very much.

⁣It is available in Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano.⁣ ⁣⁣

It is declined from the color “cèdre” with a larger white fleece part which brings out the gray and slightly bluish nuances of the blend.⁣

⁣I hope these new shades will appear on your needles and inspire you to new projects full of sweetness :)⁣ ⁣⁣

⁣Take care of you and have a creative and peaceful week-end!⁣

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