“Stay warm”, a shawl for November

Matilda has created “Stay warm” a beautiful wraparound shawl with a simple and satisfying construction, perfect to warm up this not so fun November :). After starting with an ingenious small section of garter stitch, you slowly form a large half-moon by alternating relaxing sections in garter stitch and sections of increasing sizes in stitch two-tone brioche that requires a little more attention, to finish with a pretty picot border.

This is a medium difficulty project that is well suited for learning about brioche stitch or for meditative knitting and will make a very nice Christmas present 🙂

You can choose a two-color version (the shawl worn by Matilda is knitted in “poivre blanc” and “poivre et sel”) or a three-color version to play with Ulysses’ palette.

Two-color version: “bouleau” in MC and “eucalyptus” in CC.

Three-color version: “poivre blanc” in MC / “aster” in CC1 / “caramel” in CC2.

Pattern: “Stay warm” by Matilda Kruse, available in French and English in our shop

Yarn : Ulysse (185 m/ 50g, woolen spun French mérinos d’Arles and Portugese merino)

For the two-color version, you will need 4 balls of the main color and 2 balls of the contrasting color ;

for the three-color version, you will need 4 balls of the main color, 1 ball of CC1 and 2 balls of CC2

Matilda Kruse is a Swedish designer who owns a lovely eco yarn shop in Mariestad. You can follow her creative adventures on her Instagram page @organicsknitters.

I hope you will like this pattern and will make you want to try new knitting experiences!

Photo credits 2, 3, 6,7: Matilda Kruse

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