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“I like the authority of the black colour, its gravity, its obviousness, its radicality. Its powerful power of contrast gives an intense presence to all colors and when it illuminates the darkest, it gives them a dark grandeur. It has unsuspected possibilities and, attentive to what I do not know, I go to meet them. ”

French painter Pierre Soulages, in préface of “Dictionnaire des mots et expressions de couleur : le noir” by Annie Mollard-Desfour

Every year many of you ask me if there will ever be black in our palette.

I wondered for a long time about the relevance of a solid black which risked to appear articifiel in the middle of the mottled colors of the range but I also wanted to obtain this a little hypnotic sobriety which attracts us in the dark.

It was by mixing black-dyed fleece with the natural brown fleece of Portuguese merino that I finally found the shade I was looking for: a deep but discreetly changing black where we find the warmth and grace of the natural fleece (and which saves a little dye in the process).

“Ebène” is therefore the counterpart of “fusain” which has the same proportion of black but which is mixed with white wool. On the needles, there is a little something fascinating where during the first rows our hands guide us more than our eyes and which invites to trust the melody of the gesture, but the result is worth the effort 🙂

It is available in Ulysse and Gilliatt and I hope you will like it !

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