The pretty “Flocon Sweater” by Rui Yamamuro

We’re delighted to share our first collaboration with Japanese designer Rui Yamamuro! With an acute sense of detail and proportion, Rui develops elegant, comfortable designs with a perfect balance between classicism and modernity. We’re fans!

After the “Flocon slipover” in Ulysse and Bérénice that we discovered this winter, this spring she has come up with the ‘Flocon sweater’: a light, graceful jumper like a snowflake that plays on the mix of materials by combining a strand of Candide, our yarn in Arles merino and recycled cotton, and a strand of Bérénice, which blends mohair, silk and Arles merino.

For this version, Rui has chosen to mix the soft mottled green of the ‘sirène’ colour (made from a blend of indigo and reseda plant dyes) with the delicate blue of ‘petit matin’ for a subtly changing aqua green result; a colour that reminds her of the surface of the sea glistening under the first rays of the May sun and the shimmer of young leaves. She invites you to imagine your jumper in a colour that will also echo a landscape you’d like to remember!

For our sample, we chose to combine Bérénice’s “petit matin” with Candide’s soft violet “muscari” to create a dreamy shade of parma, reminiscent of the first rays of sunlight breaking through the morning mist.

Following on from this, Rui has created a very pretty and fresh version: the ‘Flocon tee’ with shortened and slightly wider sleeves. With its short, wide cut and very comfortable, fluffy fabric, it’s a perfect little summer jumper for cooler evenings (detailed instructions for making this version are also included in this pattern and offered in a separate file).

Her version is knitted in a very original mix which combines Bérénice “petit matin” with the soft yellow of Candide “citronnade” for a very successful sparkling and frosted effect.


This pattern is knitted seamlessly from top to bottom with dropped shoulders.

The back yoke is knit first with increases from the shoulders down. The front stitches are picked up separately along each shoulder, then joined after the front neck slope shaping. The back and front are joined at the underarms to be knit in the round to the hem with Ridged slip stitch. Stitches are then picked up around the armhole for the sleeve and the cap is shaped with short rows. The sleeve is then knit in the round with Ridged slip stitch. To finish, stitches are picked up around the neck opening and worked in twisted rib for the collar. All the edges are made with a tubular bind off.


The pattern includes 9 sizes corresponding to the following final measurements:

Finished chest circumference: 105 (110, 115, 120, 125) (135, 140, 150, 155) cm / 41 1⁄4 (43 1⁄4, 45 1⁄4, 47 1⁄4, 49 1⁄4) (53, 55, 59, 61)”

Total length (without collar): 51 (51, 52, 54, 57) (59, 59, 61, 63) cm / 20 (20, 20 1⁄2, 21 1⁄4, 22 1⁄2) (23 1⁄4, 23 1⁄4, 24, 24 3⁄4)” 

The pattern is designed to be worn with a lot of positive ease (around 25 to 30 cm / 7 3⁄4 – 13 3⁄4”) and a fairly short height (Rui and Céline are 1.63 cm / 5’4” tall).

For her version of the ‘Flocon sweater’, Rui knitted a size 2 which she wears with 30 cm of ease for a very contemporary look. For the ‘Flocon tee’, she knitted a size 1 that she wears with a 25cm positive ease for a slightly less voluminous look.

For our sample, we wanted to try this pattern with a little less ease, so Céline wears a size 2 with 15 cm of positive ease at the chest, for a closer fit that’s a little more classic but very pretty too!

The height of the jumper can easily be extended thanks to the top-to-bottom construction. Just make sure you have some extra yarn if you want a slightly longer version.


This pattern is at an intermediate level and required to know how to cast on, bind off, increase and decrease, knit in the round and pick up stitches, make German short rows and Italian (tubular) bind off for 1×1 rib.

It includes detailed directions for specific techniques used, including Tubular Bind Off for 1×1 Rib and German Short Rows.

For French-speaking knitters, we’ve been working on a French version that you’ll find exclusively on our site for 6 months.

Pattern: « Flocon Sweater » by Rui Yamamuro available in French and in English on our website (sizes 1 to 9) 

Yarn (with two strands of each yarn held together):

For the sweater version:

  • Candide by De Rerum Natura (70% organic Merinos d’Arles (France) and 30% recycled cotton (including 2% other recycled fibers) (recycled in France, 185 m /50g): 5 (5, 6, 6, 6) (7, 7, 7, 8) balls OR 888 (925, 962, 1036, 1073) (1147, 1184, 1221, 1332) m / [970 (1010, 1050, 1131, 1172) (1252, 1293, 1334, 1454) yards]
  • Bérénice by De Rerum Natura (55% Super Kid Mohair labelled RMS,Responsible Mohair Standards (South Africa), 25 % mulberry silk (China), 230 yds (210 m) / 25 g):  4 (4, 5, 5, 5) (6, 6, 6, 6) balls OR 798 (840, 924, 966, 1008) (1092, 1134, 1218, 1260) m / [874 (920, 1012, 1058, 1104) (1196, 1242, 1334, 1380) yards] 

Rui’s sample is a size 2 and has been knitted in Candide “sirène” held together with Bérénice “petit matin” and our sample is a size 2, worn with a 15 cm [ 6”] of positive ease and it has been knitted in Candide “muscari” hold together with Bérénice “petit matin”.

For the Tee version: 

  • Candide by De Rerum Natura (70% organic Merinos d’Arles (France) and 30% recycled cotton (including 2% other recycled fibers) (recycled in France, 185 m /50g): 4 (4, 5, 5, 5) (5, 6, 6, 6) balls OR 703 (740, 777, 814, 851) (925, 962, 1036, 1073) m / [768 (808, 848, 889, 929) (1010, 1050, 1131, 1172) yards]
  • Bérénice by De Rerum Natura (55% Super Kid Mohair labelled RMS,Responsible Mohair Standards (South Africa), 25 % mulberry silk (China), 230 yds (210 m) / 25 g):  4 (4, 4, 4, 4) (5, 5, 5, 5) balls OR 672 (714, 756, 798, 840) (882, 924, 966, 1008) m / [736 (782, 823, 874, 920) (966, 1012, 1058, 1104) yards]

Rui’s sample is a size 1, worn with a 25 cm [9 3⁄4”] of positive ease. It has been knitted in Candide “citronnade” hold together with Bérénice “petit matin”.

Thank you Rui for this fresh and stylish pattern! I hope we’ll get to see your versions soon!

About the designer: Since 2005, Rui Yamamuro has opened a custom wedding dress studio and has been working as a dressmaker, using the haute couture embroidery techniques she learned in Lesage, France. On the other hand, she started publishing her knitting patterns in 2023. 

She is passionate about designing and knitting classic and comfortable garments for modern living.

She now lives in Tokyo, where the old meets the new and everything is blended.



Rui also designed the “Chouquette slipover” for Gilliatt and the “Flocon Slipover” for Ulysse + Bérénice, which you can find in English on Ravelry :

Photo credits of the “Flocon sweater” in Candide “sirène” and Bérénice “petit matin”and of the “Flocon tee” in Candide “citronnade” and “Bérénice petit matin : Rui Yamamuro

Making of the “Flocon sweater” sample in Candide “sirène” and Bérénice “petit matin”: Déborah @georah

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