Stripes ideas for Candide

Here are some ideas of associations to play with the natural dyed color palette of Candide :

For stripes between sea and summer sky:

Candide “nougat” / “azur”
Candide “sucre glace” / “azur”

Pop stripes, sparkling or picture-perfect:

Candide “pêche Melba” / “muscari”
Candide ‘citronnade” / “muscari”
Candide “sucre glace” / “pêche Melba”
Candie “sucre glace” / “barbe à papa”
Candide “sucre glace” / sirène”

The “loutre (which means “otter in french)” color, which gets its pretty gray-brown from the tannins of the chestnut tree, also creates beautiful and deep associations that can be worn in any season:

Candide “loutre” / “eau de rose”
Candide “loutre” / “muscari”
Candide “loutre” / “citronnade”

I hope these suggestions will give you ideas and feed your creative daydreams!

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