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I hope that you are doing well and that the renewal of these first weeks of September is giving you a happy outlook.I would like to share with you the latest news about our production. As you may have noticed, we have been experiencing great difficulties for several months in the re-supply of our woolen spun yarns, which we are no longer able to produce in a reliable and continuous way.

We are currently working with all our heart to find solutions to perpetuate the future of our yarns and of our small company caught in the turmoil.

To enable us to offer you as many colours as possible for this new season, part of our production was carried out this summer by a spinning mill closer to us, near Castres. We were lucky enough to be able to use wool from new Merino d’Arles farms converted to organic farming and were able to increase the proportion of certified wool to over 75% for these batches of “poivre blanc” and “poivre et sel”.

Because this batch of wool turned out to be a little different and the yarn was twisted a little more than usual, these first yarns are slightly more rustic looking than our usual production and may feel less soft to you, although they do soften after a good bath. They are also stronger, have fewer knots and their colours for the dyed shades are nicely vibrant.

This production concerns the colours “poivre blanc”, “poivre et sel”, “sauge”, “baleine bleue”, “cyprès”, “émeraude”, “printemps”, “genêt”, “pavot”, “potimarron”, “caramel”, “doré”, crème anglaise”, “figue”, “aster”, “confiture de rose”, “bois de rose”, “argile” and “quartz”.

I sincerely hope that despite these small differences, these yarns will be transformed under your fingers into cherished, long-lasting knits and that you will welcome them.

The “poivre” and “sel” natural colours are expected to be back in stock within 10 days and “bouleau” and “goéland” should be back in early October. After a further postponement of our production, the other dyed in fleece colours are expected by the end of November to the end of February 2022.

We are now working hard to make the next productions even more beautiful, softer and more ecological while continuing our mission to highlight the wool from the farms around us and the progress made by breeders and manufacturers towards harmonious and responsible practices.

In good news, the restocking of our worsted spun yarns “Albertine” and “Pénélope” is expected this week (and should therefore be here for the release of Anna Dervout’s beautiful book in french “Tricoter en couleurs” which presents a very pretty marinière knitted in Pénélope) and eight new colours are planned in these two yarns for early October.

Thank you for your patience, support and for the kindness of your messages which are especially precious at this time.Take care and see you soon!

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