New colorway “cèdre” for Cyrano

The palette of our chunky yarn “Cyrano” is slowly expanding and between the dark green leaning towards khaki of “forest” and the bluish green of “cypress”, we now welcome the beautiful mottled green of “cèdre“.

« Cèdre » is a medium intensity green, deep and warm, slightly mottled with ecru and brown by a small amount of undyed wool added to the blend before spinning. A comforting shade like a good walk in the forest!

With its five well-twisted strands of woolen spun Arles merino and its 150 meters /100 g, Cyrano is knitted with 5.5 to 6.5 mm needles. It is a warm and generous yarn that rises very quickly on the needles and shows off the cable and textured patterns in a spectacular way.

I hope that this new shade will give you new desires for projects in Cyrano for this season!

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