Laine Magazine 13 / Winter

Laine Magazine is a creative Nordic lifestyle magazine that presents a collection of contemporary designs each season, as well as thought-provoking articles, encounters and recipes to fuel our inspiration and our view of the crafting world.

For this winter issue, the designers were asked to imagine unisex, classic and versatile models to fit into all wardrobes and enhance everyone’s look with kindness and personality.

In this new issue of Laine Magazine, Usnea, you will find ten knitting patterns for jumpers, cardigans and accessories as well as a crochet hook created by the designers: Susan Chin, Susan Crawford, Sidsel Grau Petersen, Midori Hirose, Susanna Kaartinen, Inyoung Kim, Hanna Maciejewska, Mariya Matveeva, Paula Pereira, Maiju Räsänen and Griselda Zárate as well as interviews, seasonal recipes and reviews of the team’s favourite books and yarns.

Designer  Midori Hirose, who we’re big fans of here, has created for this issue in our Gilliatt yarn the sleeveless knitted jumper “Cassis”, a unisex, textured pattern to be knitted with varying degrees of fullness for a warmly relaxed silhouette.

Cassis Vest by Midori Hirose in Gilliatt “poivre” (Sizes 1 to 12), 3 to 5 balls.

You can discover on Ravelry the very nice creations of the testers of this pattern and the different versions knitted by Midori in different sizes and colours 🙂

You can find the magazine in the shop:

Photo credits: Jonna Hietala & Sini Kramer

Styling: Anna Komonen (@annakomonen), MUAH Miika Kemppainen (@miikakemppainen)

Models: Alexandra (@akea_laniakea) & Paavo (@paa.vo)/ As You Are Agency (@asyouareagency)

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