Four new colorways for Antigone!

I am very happy to present you today the four new colors of Antigone which come to enlarge the pretty palette of our beloved summer yarn 🙂

Welcome to “mandarine (mandarin)”, “lilas (lilac)”, “lune (moon)” and “laurier (laurel)”!

Mandarine” is a joyful and fruity orange that invites indulgence and carefreeness. A strong but soft color that will easily combine with all shades of blue, from dark browns to black and which will make white pants sparkle.

Hope this optimistic color will put some sunshine on your needles!


Lilas (lilac)” is a light grayish and very soft parma violet. The shine of linen makes it particularly luminous and delicate.

It will make a beautiful contrast with dark or tanned skin but will also highlight fair complexions and baby’s skin.


Lune (moon)” is a light, silvery, mineral gray. In the Antigone palette, it has an intensity close to that of “tourterelle (turtledove)” but in a cold version.

It’s a bright and calm shade that will play nicely with the silvery highlights of white hair and platinum blonde and contrast elegantly with very dark hair.


And finally here is “laurier (laurel)” a warm dark vegetal green imbued with quiet strength and serenity 🙂

It’s a deep, light-changing color that’s easy to wear with a pretty natural presence. I really like it all in simplicity with raw linen.

I hope these new colors will make you want to put linen on your needles and in your vacation suitcase! After the beautiful #ninoncardi of @yarnflakes, some pretty designs are getting ready in Antigone and we can’t wait to be able to show you our versions of #débardeurlinearis from @maremelade and #topYuria from @mar.gue.nee which will appear in the next few weeks 🙂

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