Welcome to “argile” in Cyrano!

To celebrate the arrival of autumn and to put a little pink on our needles, the ” Argile ” colour that you liked so much in Ulysse and Gilliatt has joined the palette of our big cozy yarn Cyrano !

” Argile “(means “clay” in French) is a medium intensity pink, warm and delicate, overdyed on a “poivre blanc” base that shows slight traces of brown fleece.

A colour that evokes the soothing and enveloping tones of pink ochres and which in Cyrano will be perfect for knitting a pretty blanket, a joyful accessory or a big, comforting jumper.

The first balls I received made me want to follow the trail of the big comforting jumper and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the samples 🙂

I hope this new addition to the Cyrano palette will inspire and warm you up this winter!

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