Sari Nordlund’s sweet “Helmi”

Today, when we’re thinking so hard about our Ukrainian friends, it’s hard to find the words to talk to you about knitting. But when we feel distressed by the violence of the world, the softness and beauty of stitches are also a precious source of comfort and soothing.

“Helmi” is a sleek and graceful jumper that Sari @sari_n_ designed for Ulysse and which we translated into French for non-English speakers to enjoy.

The Helmi pullover is knitted seamlessly top-down. The neck is shaped while knitting flat, and the rest of the pullover is knitted in the round. The yoke is shaped with raglan increases and the sleeves are loose fitting.

The Helmi pullover gets its name from the two lines of bobbles that run down the front of the pullover like strings of pearls (helmi means a pearl in Finnish).

You can adjust the height of the body and sleeves to suit your body type and what you like to wear (the short cut chosen by Sari is perfect for wearing with a skirt or high waisted trousers).

Once you are familiar with the nopple technique (Sari shares her favourite technique in the explanations), you can enjoy a simple and soothing pattern with no particular difficulty. To follow your progress in the raglan increases, a tracking sheet is proposed which details the increases on each row and each turn until the separation of the sleeves and the body.

Pattern:  “Helmi” by Sari Nordlund, available in French and English on our website  and on Ravelry (sizes 1 to 9)

Yarn: De Rerum Natura « Ulysse » 6 (6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16) balls, shown in “poivre blanc

Here are some nice versions of this model in different colours from Ulysses that might help you choose yours 🙂

Thank you to the knitters for sharing their work with us!

From left to right:

@lilon knitted Helmi in Ulysse “genêt

@sailasalonen in Ulysse “argile

The ego knitter, Ulysse “printemps“, Ravelry :

@alidoraknits en Ulysse “goéland

I hope this lovely pattern designed by Sari will inspire you and that you will enjoy knitting it!

Credits photos: Sari Nordlund / @lilon /@sailasalonen /theegoknitter/@alidoraknits

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