Nine new colors for Bérénice!

Many of you have welcomed our new Bérénice yarn on their needles, and we thank you sincerely! We have received lots of requests to extend the range of available colors and allow more blended combinations with our other yarns. So I’ve decided to develop some new colors a little earlier than planned for the end of winter, with an eye to the spring we’ll be dreaming of in a few weeks’ time 🙂 

Welcome to “crème”, “poivre et sel”, “cacao”, “eucalyptus”, “Iroise”, “libellule”, “argile”, “genêt” and “l’heure bleue”!

You can create tone-on-tone combinations with both our worsted and carded yarns in the following three colours:

Bérénice “crème” with Albertine et Pénélope “crème” and Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano “sel” or “poivre blanc”

Bérénice “argile” with Albertine, Pénélope, Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano “argile”

Bérénice “libellule” with Albertine and Pénélope “libellule” and Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano “plume”.

You can combine the other six colours, “poivre et sel“, “cacao“, “eucalyptus“,”genêt“, “iroise” et “l’heure bleue” in tone on tone with the corresponding Ulysse, Gilliatt and Cyrano colours:

Some ideas for patterns to knit with Bérénice 🙂

Gem sweater” by Irene Lin, knitted in Ulysse”quartz” and Bérénice “avoine” (in english, Korean and Japanese) Photo credits: Irene Lin

Sweater “Marjolaineby l’atelier Lacazavent knitted in Ulysse and Bérénice (in French and English) Photo credits: L’atelier Lacazavent

Leizh” sweater by Solenn Couix-Loarer knitted in Gilliatt “poivre” and Bérénice “chocolat chaud”

Rivière” snood by Solenn Couix-Loarer, knitted in Bérénice “goéland” (free pattern)

I hope you’ll enjoy these new colors and that they’ll inspire you to come up with some sweet projects!

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